Mack Prioleau – Preparing For The College Football Game Days

For most students preparing for college is a difficult process. With college football, this pressure is intense as you need to perform well on the field too. Now the question is, how do these 17- and 18-year-old college students do it? How do these youngsters become football legends later on in life?

Mack Prioleau – dedication, discipline, and practice for college football

To understand the process as to how a college freshman blossoms into a football superstar, Mack Prioleau from Vanderbilt University gives you a brief overview of the process. He has played football in his freshman year and has contributed positively as a scout team defensive end and has earned a spot in the travelling team for playing in the Texas A&M and making it into the Vanderbilt Football 3.0 Club.

He says that if you want to start playing college football and later progress to professional football, you must be dedicated, disciplined, and be committed to regular practice on the field with a good coach. There is a lot of physical and mental preparation involved when it comes to college football. You cannot be whimsical about it. It needs focus and lots of it as the competition among college recruits is intense.

Grades matter too

Coaches do not want a talented athlete to play the game. They need a student who is equally devoted to their studies and grades too. He says that quarterbacks that can instantly size up the defensive coverage are in high demand, and linebackers who can quickly adapt to the stunts, shifts, and additional adjustments are indeed a valuable asset.

Preparing for the game day

Mental preparation is crucial for players many days before the actual game day. He recommends they avoid distractions, visualize success, practice affirmations and be positive about the game. Even if the opponent team is better, miracles happen if you have strong mental preparation for the game.

Given below are some tips-

  • Focus on your goals
  • Whatever the stakes may be, stay cool and relaxed
  • Talk with your coach about expectations and strategies
  • Make sure your team is proactive as to getting on board with the above
  • Keep your ears and eyes open for changes in these game strategies

Physically you need to practice hard for at least a week before the final game day. You need to push yourself to improve the on-field relationships you have with other players. In addition, you should focus on getting the rest you need. It is prudent for you to finish your meals early to sleep in peace to be ready for the practice sessions for the game.

As per Mack Prioleau simply staying in shape is not enough. You have to improve your playing skills before the final game day. On the night before, make sure you eat a nutritious and healthy meal. Health experts suggest you should focus on eating a meal rich in carbohydrates as you will be subject to strenuous activity on the field, so you need to be ready.





Mack Prioleau – Preparing For The College Football Game Days
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